Carpet Cleaner Experience since 1992

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Reasonable per room rates for all carpet cleanings.  We are your solution to those pesky stains and odors. Dirty carpets have a significant impact on homes overall appearance, and air quality. Unfortunately, Vacuuming and scrubbing won't always remove stains, What you need is a Professional carpet cleaning. Located out of Fairfield, but serving entire north bay.   Make your house feel fresh and clean eliminating, stains, odors, and improving air quality. Give us a call today.  We are open six days a week and are available via a phone call to schedule a carpet cleaning. Thank you for your interest in a professional carpet cleaning, we look forward to hearing from you. 

We take pride in being courteous, professional, and Uniformed, We arrive on time and take pride in a complete carpet cleaning company. Our Goal is to be the best carpet cleaner.

At Bartha's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning company Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority.  We take pride in our work around Fairfield and surrounding areas.  We are Open! Contact a professional carpet cleaning company today! #professional carpet cleaner#American Canyon#Vacaville

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