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 Your furniture and upholstery gets used often especially when you have kids or pets and could get dirty fast. Whether dust or dirt that builds up over time or stains from pet urine or drink spills, Barthas Carpet and Upholstery offers a way to get your furniture clean and fresh again. Furniture plays a huge role in rooms overall appearance and smell. You may be considering replacing old furniture, but give Bartha carpet and upholstery a call. Your old couch could surprise you. 

Bartha's carpet and upholstery can give new life to your furniture, and Upholstery cleaner, like flooring in a room your furniture cleaning will last longer if it cleaned professionally.  We clean using hot water extraction to reduce soil and allergens.  Using cleaning solutions that protect against future stains repelling water, leaves your furniture feeling fresh and clean. We use the right equipment and the correct answers to clean upholstered surfaces including couch cleaning, dining room table, love seat, and recliners. We also clean upholstery in vehicles. We determine the type of fabric that your furniture made of then clean it appropriately. Upholstery dry times vary. Our Business located in Fairfield, Vacaville, American Canyon, and entire north bay.

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